How to Clean a Hot Tub

Ways to Clean a Hot Tub

Learning how to clean a hot tub is vital if you’re going to own one. Otherwise, your hot tub will become dirty and unusable, and it’ll be much harder to lure girls in bikinis to your home.

With proper maintenance, it’s not difficult to learn how to clean a hot tub. It’s just important to establish a routine and not deviate from it, as laziness, not time, is your greatest enemy.

When In Doubt, Ask

This is one of the most important tips when learning how to clean a hot tub. If you’re not sure of something, don’t be too proud to seek advice. You can find a wealth of information on the Internet, but your local pool store should also have the answers.

Get The Right Tools

If you own a hot tub, you should have the following tools for proper care:

  • Vacuum – If your spa is not connected to a pool, you’ll need a vacuum. Generally, these are powered by water from your garden hose.
  • Wand – The wand is another alternative, as it uses suction to collect debris. It can be powered by a battery, or you can pump it manually.
  • Bucket and sponge – You’ll need these for when it’s time to clean the walls of your hot tub. Caked-on film may require a scrubber.
  • Leaf skimmer – Vital for removing leaves and debris floating in your hot tub. This is the same kind of long-handled net used for cleaning a swimming pool (so you might already have one).
  • Scrubber – Great for removing foreign substances (such as calcium scales and algae) from the walls of your hot tub.

Chemical Levels

Checking chemical levels is easy to do, but it’s important that you do it often. If chemical levels in your hot tub become unbalanced, it can become more difficult to properly clean, as foreign substances will begin to build up on the walls of the tub. Any local retail chain should sell a water sampler for this purpose.

If testing the chemical levels reveals a problem, I suggest taking the results to a pool supply store. They can suggest the best materials to deal with the problem.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary items for dealing with the hot tub problem, drain the tub completely. Once this is complete, apply the chemicals you purchased to your scrubber. Just make sure the scrubber will not damage the walls of the hot tub.

Scrub the hot tub thoroughly and apply the chemicals. This should kill and remove any foreign agents active in your hot tub. Before you refill the hot tub, make sure to rinse it out completely.

Wood Sealant And Wax

The exterior of hot tubs are often made of wood. To keep this surface looking good, you should apply wax and wood sealant to the exterior once a year. This will keep you wood from cracking and give it a year-round luster.


It’s also important to keep the hot tub filter clean. The more you use your hot tub, the more you’ll need to check the filter. NOTE: Before removing a filter or pump, always make sure that they’re turned off. This will prevent any serious injuries from occurring.

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