How to Keep Dreadlocks Clean

Caring For Dreadlocks Tips

You need to know how to take care of your dreadlocks. The last thing you want is to walk around unclean. Keeping them will require a certain amount of upkeep; though once you have them in place, it takes a lot less trouble than most of the trendy haircuts out there.

Once you backcomb your hair and wax it, you need to abstain from washing them for two or more weeks. If you wash them at an early stage, the dreadlocks are likely to untwine. It might take a while for your scalp to get used to less washing, so stick with it.

Dreadlocks are sometimes hard to get started, but they stay in place once you get them going. In fact, once you have a full set of dreads, they are there until you shear them off. You’ll have to cut them all the way off, if you want a new hair style.

1. When your dreadlocks are in place, wash them every 4 to 12 days.

Make your decision on how often you wash depending on the health of your scalp. If your scalp is dry or itches a lot, then wash it accordingly.

2. Also, use shampoo which is best for your scalp needs.

There are shampoos for dreadlock wearers, specifically designed for the sensitive needs of the nappy. If regular shampoo doesn’t work, try one of these out.

Shampoos which leave little residue are best. Filmy shampoos will irritate you skin over the week you aren’t washing it off. Don’t use a shampoo with lots of lather. This will loosen your dreadlocks.

Don’t use a conditioner, because most of them leave a thick residue and can loosen your twists.

3. Keep Your waxed dreds away from hot water.

If you keep your dreads in place with wax, do not shampoo with hot water. This will melt the wax away.

4. Wear a hair net

If you have trouble with your dreadlocks working out when you wash them, use a hair net to keep your hair in place during the wash.

5. When you are finished washing, dry the hair with a pillow case.

You won’t look very cool if you have lint from a towel all in your hair.

6. Let your hair dry fully.

Then twist and wax your dreadlocks. If you start this process while your hair is still wet, the dreads have a tendency to unravel.

7. Clean up loose ends after you have dried your hair, but before you wax it.

This will be time consuming. You can work loose hairs into a mini-dread. Then work this mini-dread into the nearest large dreadlock you have.

If this doesn’t work, you can weave the loose hairs into your dreads with the use of dental floss.

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