How to Choose a Home School Curriculum

Choosing the best home school curriculum

Whether you are thinking about homeschooling your children or if you are just looking for new home school curriculum, there are many methods out there on how to choose curriculum. However, there may be some methods that work with your children and others that fail. Let us look at how to choose the best home school curriculum for your children.

Choose home school curriculum based off your child’s needs and their learning style. One child may need personal tutoring time while your other children can teach themselves the material. After all, you know your children the best. Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and use that information to help you figure out what curriculum will help them learn the information. Also, consider your family’s personal values and beliefs. What do you want to your child to know or understand? This information will help you pick the best home school curriculum for your children.

Money Matters

You will want to figure out how much money you are willing to pay for your child’s education or how much money you can afford to pay. When picking the curriculum, remember to research as much as possible about each provider before you make a decision. You should not be pressured into purchasing curriculum. If you are going to be home schooling your children on your own without your significant other being involved, make sure you take a close look at the curriculum to make sure you can teach it. There may be some stuff that you do not understand.

Get Recommendations from Friends & Family

Before you even start looking at home school providers and curriculum, talk to your family and friends. Most likely you know several families who are home schooling their children or who have. Sit down with them and talk to them about what curriculum they have previously used and what they thought about it. This will give you insider knowledge about the programs. Remember that you are asking their advice, but you do not have to take it. They may have reasons for not using curriculum that will be great for your children. Make sure you ask them why they are using their present curriculum and why they stopped using others.

Find a Home School Supplier

You will need to choose a home school supplier. Many suppliers can provide you with the entire curriculum you will need to teach your children. As you begin to dig through the large list of suppliers, remember the first couple of steps. You want to keep your child’s needs and learning style in mind. Remember what is important to you and find a supplier that shares the same values. Here are some popular home school suppliers to get you started: A Beka Correspondence Program, Calvert School, Clonlara School Home Based Education Program, Oak Meadow School, Seton Home Study School, MorningStart Academy, The Jubilee Academy Home school Program, Hooked On Phonics, and the Scholastic Store. There are many programs available to help you get started.

With many suppliers, you are able to choose home schooling curriculum packages. Many providers give you the option of choosing full packages, pick and choosing from multiple curriculums, or creating your own. Full packages offer you the entire curriculum from one particular program. The advantages of full packages is that they have structured curriculum, they are set up like public school, and they take care of all of the legal regulations by your state. However, they can be very expensive and you may find the workload overwhelming. You can also select from multiple programs. You could choose some from Hooked On Phonics, the Scholastic Store, and Oak Meadow School, for example. This allows you to use the pieces that are beneficial to your environment and your children. It also gives your children more freedom with what they are learning and how they learn it. However, the recording keeping will take up more of your time and the textbook costs quickly add up. It is also possible to create your own program by mixing and matching. You can use various online materials. However, this will take up much of your time because you have to come up with what to teach and do all of the other work too. You are also responsible for making sure you are following your state’s requirements for home schooling.

You will want home school curriculum that has multiple ways of teaching your children. They should include textbooks, videos, workbooks, diagrams, online use, literature based learning, and more.

Consider Alternatives

Think about your alternatives. Home schooling is about being able to spend time with your children and teaching them at their level. You can do more than just having your children sit down at the table and teach them the material. There are many resources available to you, use them. Take your children to the local library and get them involved in the programs there, take them to history museums, and so on. Give them the ability to learn about sea animals by going to the aquarium. You do not have to be limited to your workbooks and textbooks. Let your children get out and see the world as they are learning.

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