How to Burn Abs Calories

How To Get A Six Pack Stomach

Who doesn’t want to have a great set of abs?

Of course, this seems like an impossible dream. For many people it is, but that’s mainly because they listen to hyped up misinformation put out by television workout gurus trying to sell a product.

Sure, burning ab calories is work. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you a workout machine or a bottle of miracle pills. But if you are willing to do that work on a regular basis, you can have a six pack.

If you have tried this already and it hasn’t worked, then you probably got bad advice. “Finding” your abs requires a balanced workout program, the kind of program often overlooked when trying to isolate with ab excercises. You must dedicate yourself to two programs, if you want those abs: calorie loss and a full body workout.

Losing Calories

Simply put, you are going to have to burn off more calories than you take in. There are a lot of ways to go about this. Some people prefer a crazy diet, while others seek to eat what they want and burn it off in their training program. To lose more calories than you eat, you need to limit your caloric intake while working out regularly.

Don’t starve yourself, or you won’t be able to sustain the program. The body needs calories and if you don’t feed it a healthy, it will begin to crave them. Eventually, this leads to backsliding. So eat a healthy amount, but cut out the non-essentials. Drink water instead of the glut of other drink options out there. Reduce your fat intake, while limiting your sweets. Eat your veggies and enough fruits to satisfy your need for sweets. But make this a program you can sustain and enjoy.

You aren’t going to get there overnight, so going on a crash diet is not the way to go. A steady, realistic diet is the way to lose excess weight and keep it off.

Full Body Workout

Don’t try to isolate the abs with a crunch-heavy workout. Crunches don’t burn many calories, because they don’t work out the other muscles in the body. So endless crunches are not the way to get a six pack.

Here’s a secret. People work out their abs all day long, lifting and bending over and twisting this way or that. Most of us have pretty developed ab muscles. We just can’t see it for all those layers of stomach fat.

So concentrate on reducing fat intake and burning calories. The abs will take care of themselves.

What Kind of Workout?

I would suggest moderate weight training two or three days a week, combined with three days of running on those days you aren’t weight training. Get a membership at a gym, or buy a treadmill at the house. You can do this workout while you watch your favorite television show. This is a solid level of exercise that is sustainable by the average person.

A key to your workouts is to keep your heart rate up. Make sure to have rest periods which allow you to work out harder in between. At the same time, make sure the rest periods are quite short, in order to keep your heart rate up and to keep burning those calories.

Let’s Be Honest

Okay, what I’m suggesting requires a bit of a lifestyle change. But I’m not talking about anything radical here. When you equate that slice of lemon meringue pie to the amount of running you’ll have to do to balance it out, it’s just less likely you’ll eat it in the first place. And you’ll eventually think of your hour of exercise as one of your favorite times of the day.

Don’t think of it as a diet. Just be mindful of what you eat at every meal, avoid too much “snacking” and drink water instead of all those other concoctions. It won’t be that much of a change, if you don’t overanalyze it.

Remember, if you fall off the wagon for a meal or even a day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into two or three days or a week. Move on and move forward.

As far as the exercise regimen goes, you’ll have endorphins on your side. When you start exercising regularly, you’ll notice that you get a slight euphoria for the first couple of months. You’ll feel more energized and healthy. After the first few months, when your skip a day or training and your body doesn’t get those endorphins, it won’t feel quite as as good the next day. So it’s a lifestyle change, but one for the better. In no time, you’ll find a life without regular exercise as somewhat unthinkable.

A Note About Avoiding Gimmicks

Getting a set of abs isn’t as complicated as many would have you believe. Television experts will give you a complicated plan or diet, or try to sell you an amazing exercise apparatus. These “experts” need to make it sound complicated, so you will pay for expert help.

Remember that these workout machines tout themselves as making exercise easier. Actually, that’s the last thing you want. You want to challenge your body, because that helps it burns more calories. So avoid workout machines, with the exception of treadmills and their sort.

You don’t need all of that; you just need to restore balance to your eating and workout habits. If you get to your peak percentage of body fat, you’ll be healthier and your abs will reappear.

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