How to Use a BlackBerry

How to Use a BlackBerry

How to Use a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is another extremely popular smartphone along the lines of the iPhone and other high dollar PDA / phone hybrids. A BlackBerry is loaded with special features to keep you connected and to help you have a little fun, too — things like text messaging, music and media downloads, and a task manager and scheduler to keep you aware of your various appointments.

How to Use a BlackBerry

Owning a BlackBerry seems mandatory for businessmen. The BlackBerry is like carrying your office calendar, a cell phone, and a web browser all in the palm of your hand. The idea behind the BlackBerry is to keep people connected to their friends and their client list using various methods — text messaging, phone service, email, etc. Add on digital music playing and eBook reading capabilities, and you’ve got a serious PDA on your hands.

Because the BlackBerry is loaded with features, using one can seem a little overwhelming at first. Here are some basic “how tos” when it comes to using your BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry is equipped to handle voice dialing, messaging, web content, and using your phone as a GPS device among other options. Learning how to use a BlackBerry means learning how to perform each task separately.

Your BlackBerry Out-of-the-box

The first thing you’ll ever do with your BlackBerry is to insert the battery. Once the battery is in, turn your BlackBerry on.

Now it is time to connect your BlackBerry to a wireless network. After you are connected to the Internet, you can set up your email account and import your address book and other details.

Making phone calls

Your BlackBerry is not like a normal cell phone, nor is it like a web-enabled cell phone. Since you’re not used to using it, making phone calls on your BlackBerry may seem like a headache. Trust me, after you’ve gone through the motions of making a few BlackBerry phone calls, it’s like riding a bike, you can’t forget how to do it.

Start by initiating a call. Click on the “phone” icon on the BlackBerry’s menu. The make a call screen will appear, allowing you to choose a number to dial.

You can either dial the number manually, or choose from your contact list. Either way, you’ll have to click to start the actual phone call.

While you’re takling, you can activate the BlackBerry’s call waiting feature by clicking on the “incoming call” button.

Using the BlackBerry’s voice dial feature

It isn’t revolutionary to have a voice dialing feature, — but you can’t change the entire phone universe at once. In order to set up your BlackBerry for voice dial, you’ll have to go through a few simple steps.

To start a voice dialed call, simply say the word “call” into your Blackberry’s microphone. After you say “call”, either say the names of one of your contacts, or say the digits of the phone number into the microphone. Your voice dialed call will start automatically.

Using the Blackberry’s email feature

The most useful part of the BlackBerry is the “email on the go” aspect. It is easy to keep up with work or personal contacts with BlackBerry email service. Your BlackBerry can support as many as ten unique email accounts, and you can set them up on your home computer as well as your BlackBerry.

Start by clicking on the email icon on the BlackBerry menu. Then just select the email address of the receiver. Type the email with your BlackBerry keyboard and hit “send”. Using email on your BlackBerry is just like using email on your computer.

Transferring Data

When it comes time to add tasks, notes, appointments, or other data to your BlackBerry, have no fear. Putting data on your BlackBerry from another source is called “syncing”, as in “synchronizing.” Syncing is very simple.

If you want to carry your calendar, a list of your appointments, and your address book with you on your BlackBerry, simply connect your BlackBerry to your PC with a USB cord. There, you can choose the data you want to transfer from your Mac or PC to your BlackBerry device. This can be your contacts, notes, appointments, music, Internet bookmarks, addresses and phone numbers, or any importable information you want on your BlackBerry.

Press “Sync” to load data to your BlackBerry device right from your computer. It couldn’t be easier.

Taking pictures with your BlackBerry

Now that newer BlackBerry devices have better camera designs and screen resolution, taking pictures with a BlackBerry is easy and hassle free. You can retrieve your photos from email on your home or office computer to edit them, making the BlackBerry a handy portable camera. Every BlackBerry device’s camera is a little different, so you need to read the camera section in your manual to figure out how to use your specific device.

The BlackBerry should be handed out to all graduates of MBA programs. Rather than keep a PDA, a laptop, and a handwritten address book with you at all times (not to mention a camera, a digital music player, a GPS device etc.) you can do it all on a handheld BlackBerry.

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