How to Become a Raw Foodist

How to Only Eat Raw Foods

Many foods available today have been packed full of unhealthy chemicals. This can lead to all manner of health problems, and it has prompted many to adopt the raw foodist lifestyle. A raw foodist is someone who avoids foods which have been cooked or otherwise tampered with.

Knowing how to become a raw foodist can be tricky, as the information on the subject is somewhat limited. In this article, I’ll attempt to explain the basic concepts and offer suggestions on how to adopt this healthy lifestyle.

What Are Raw Foods?

Also known as “living foods,” raw foods contain enzymes which provide high nutritional value. Cooked foods are lacking enzymes, as the enzymes are destroyed when heated above 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reasons To Become A Raw Foodist

So why in the world would you want to become a raw foodist? Take a look at these startling facts:

  • Most foods are filled with chemicals. The side effects of all these chemicals on the human body are not fully known.
  • Diets heavy in meat leave the human body lacking in many important nutrients (such as fatty acids and linolenic acids).
  • Most Americans eat a diet rich in saturated fat and protein. These play a large role in cancer and heart disease. This includes foods such as pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, cheese and hamburgers.
  • Most people also lack fiber in their diet. This can lead to constipation, diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer.

Types Of Raw Foodists

How To Become A Raw FoodistThere are three distinct types of raw foodist. They are:

  • Juicearian – This type of raw foodist consumes mainly fresh juices.
  • Sproutarian – This type of raw foodist consumes mainly sprouts.
  • Fruitarian – This type of raw foodist consumes mainly fruits.

Avoid Processed Foods

Foods which are processed have been altered from their original state. Most of the nutrients have been removed, and coloring, salt, additives and preservatives have been added. Most foods which are prepackaged, bottled or canned should be avoided.

Know What To Drink

When learning how to become a raw foodist, it’s important to drink a lot of purified water. Fresh juices (which you make yourself) are also healthy. Coconut milk is also acceptable, as is tea brewed under the sun (also known as “sun tea”). Avoid coffee, soda, alcohol and other bottled products.

Leap Right In

Some people prefer to take things slow, while other prefer to leap right in. If you’re the latter, read everything you can about being a raw foodist and then go for it. You’ll look and feel better in no time at all.

Transition Slowly

If you’re more cautious, try this transitional diet plan. Three months should elapse between each step of the plan, and it will take a total of 2 ½ years to complete. At that point, you’ll be an official raw foodist.

  1. Eliminate white rice, white flour and other polished grains from your diet. Stop drinking carbonated beverages.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol, or at least cut down to once a week. You can also eliminate coffee and tea at this point.
  3. Eliminate all cooked red meat from your diet.
  4. Stop eating cooked eggs as well as any cooked or pasteurized dairy products.
  5. Eliminate cooked white meat from your diet. This includes everything from chicken to fish.
  6. Stop eating cooked grains such as corn, oats and wheat.
  7. Take roasted nuts and cooked beans off the menu.
  8. No more cooked potatoes.
  9. Eliminate cooked vegetables from your diet.
  10. Don’t bake bananas or stew prunes. Enjoy them entirely raw.

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