How to Be a Gangster

How to Be a Gangsta

Learning how to be a gangster is a bit like learning how to be a Jedi: you have to let go of your fear.

Gangsters dare to live outside the laws and customs of conventional life, no matter what type of gangster you become: mobster, gangsta or Yakuza.

Being a gangster means you have streets smarts and you follow your instincts, the instincts of the street.

Gangster life isn’t about just surviving, even though you do what you have to do to survive. Lots of people survive in the neighborhood. Being a gangster is being a king of the streets. That takes power, and power takes attitude, and attitude take fearlessness.

So here’s how you stop acting and start living like a gangster.

Gangster Mind

A gangster has gone through the school of hard knocks and knows what life is like on the streets. You may not be book smart, but you’re street smart – and that’s two different things altogether.

Be Your Own Man

Gangsters are individuals. Gangsters don’t just follow the pack. Sure, you might have your gang, but each of you is a man. Weakness is not allowed, so be strong.

To be strong, you have to be your own man. Accept yourself and don’t just imitate others. You may walk the walk and talk the talk, but something about you is your own. No matter what it is, have something that is yours and yours alone.

Understand the Streets

Understand what life on the streets means. Understand street realities. The first reality is that people fight on the streets. Street life is a struggle and you plan to win that struggle.

Have Guts and Follow Your Guts

Follow your instincts. Gangsters don’t think; they act. A gangster has to be fearless. Quick mind, quick reflexes. It’s all instinctual.

See the World for What It Is

At the same time, maintain a cautious mind. You know from the streets to be wary of people and their motives. Everyone has an angle. Don’t fool yourself.

You can be fearless and smart at the same time. Fearlessness isn’t just pulling a gun at the drop of a hat. Fearlessness means using your smarts and your instincts and your streetwise, then acting on it without thought.

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