How to Bake Chicken

Tips for Baked Chicken

Learn how to bake chicken so you’ll have a healthier alternative to fried chicken. Frying chicken adds a whole lot of calories and unhealthy fats to your meals, so baking a chicken is much preferred. When cooked right and with proper spices, you aren’t leaving a lot of the taste out with the baked bird. There are several options when you bake, which you can tailor to the kind of company you’ll be serving this meal to.

1. Preheat the Over

Preheat to 350 degrees in a closed oven.

2. Take the Giblets Out

Most chickens come with giblets in the cavity of the chicken, when buying a whole chicken. Take these out before you begin to cook.

3. Rinse Well

Rinse the chicken well to get rid of any germs or contaminants that might have accumulated on the way from the farm to your house. Rinse with cool water to preserve the taste. Afterward, pat the chicken dry with clean paper towels.

As an alternative, squeeze lemon juice over the chicken before cooking. Dry seasoning is another option. Finally, a glaze is easy to make and, if applied about 30 minutes before you finish cooking, can add a whole different flavor to the chicken. Glazes tend to involve a mixture of butter, wine and a flavored jam.

If you are going to entertain, consider cooking chicken several times before entertaining. This way, you can test out the seasonings you’re interested in and decide which work best.

4. Use Spices and Seasonings

Spice the chicken with salt and pepper to enhance the taste of the baked chicken. Remember to add spices to the outside and the inside of the chicken, so the taste is all over the chicken. Do not remove the skin of the chicken, because the skins keeps the chicken from drying out as you cook. Remove after cooking if you so choose.

5. Putting the Chicken in the Pan

Put your chicken skin up in your pan, which should be a larger oven proof skillet or a roasting pan. If you want to enhance the taste further, considering adding your favorite marinade or an olive oil at this pint.

6. Bake Until Golden Brown

Bake for approximately one hour to one and a half hours. If you want to double-check when to stop baking the chicken, the internal temperature of the chick should reach around 170°.

7. Using a Thermometer

Stick your thermometer on the chicken thighs, which should be around 180°. Once again, the interior temperature of the chicken should be about 180°.

If you don’t have a thermometer ready, cut into the deep part of the chicken’s thigh. The meat should no contain pinkness and the chicken juices should run clear.

8. Be Safe

Remember, when baking chicken, you need to make certain the cooked chicken is done. It’s unsafe to serve half-cooked chicken.

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