How to Attract a Wealthy Man

How to Attract a Wealthy Man

There are three features of a woman that attract rich men. If you fit the bill for two of any of these three, the rich guy will take you for what you are and say the hell with that last feature.

Take a look at the three things every wealthy man wants in a woman and style your life after these three points. You’ll land a rich man in no time.

Be classy

You have to be a classy lady to fit in with a rich guy. Wealthy men have the money to attract the hottest and the most desirable women around — so being well educated and knowing how to behave at society events, nice restaurants, etc. is a big plus.

Being classy also means speaking well. You shouldn’t cuss too much, and be prepared to live a life as a women who is “seen and not heard”. You’re with him for his money, and he’s with you for the trophy of being married to a classy woman.

Be Sexy

Let’s face it — rich men have their pick of women. You need to be really sexy in order to land a rich man. You’ve got have beautiful breasts, an amazing body, the perfect face, perfect hair, straight white teeth, and great skills in the bedroom to win the attention of a hot rich guy. There’s just no getting around it, rich men want sexy women.

If you aren’t cute, there are some ways around this rule. Work on charity fund raisers, volunteer at soup kitchens and big-ticket political events, or wear your heart on your sleeve in any number of other ways. The benefit to this is that your new wealthy man will know that you will raise his public profile and that you have “a good heart” — for what that’s worth.

Leave Your Baggage at Home

Whatever you do, don’t be clingy or needy a drama queen. Rich guys have enough of that sort of thing in their everyday life to want it in a wife. You don’t want to make the mistake of looking like the dumb girl dazzled by your man’s wealth.

You need to be your own person — someone who can pay their own bills and take care of themselves. If you are a person of good character, your rich future-husband will know that you’re not just in this for his money.

Dating a wealthy man looks like a lot of fun and games, and it can be. Expensive dinners, fancy cars, nice gifts — that’s all a part of dating a wealthy man. But rich people have normal lives just like everyone else. Many times, someone’s money can be a hindrance to their ability to make an honest relationship. If you are a classy and gorgeous woman, or if you have a good heart that can propel your future man’s name to the top of the social scene, be prepared to go out on lots of fancy dates with your future rich sugar daddy.

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