How to Attract Men

3 Ways to be More Attractive to Men

This is the kind of subject which seems to create the most controversy among our staff. The girls and the guys seem to disagree on how best to attract the other sex. It’s the classic argument between the ideal world and the real world. That being said, I can report a certain amount of consensus.

I would also recommend that you check out relationship expert Kara Oh’s Men Made Easy guide. While you’ll find great tips for attracting men below, we’ll go ahead and defer to an expert on the topic. Kara’s product is top notch. If you are not interested in reading a book or guide, another option is to visit a site that matches couples based on a common lifestyle or mindset. Then you can put the tips below to good use.

1. Positivity

Don’t dwell on all the negative things in your life. Be positive and upbeat. You can tell your guy all about your inner demons and family problems later. Why would he want to hear all that the first time you talk?

Of course, positivity goes beyond small talk. You need to enjoy being you. Learn to like yourself and people will take more of a shine to you. This may sound like some kind of self-help psychobabble, but it’s common sense that men are going to be drawn to a woman who seems to enjoy life.

Sure, you’ll have some guys who go for the “my life is hell” routine. But you’re setting yourself up for a guy who thinks he’s doing you a favor by dating you. That’s not good.

One note to the wise. When I say “be positive”, I’m not giving license to be conceited. Don’t drone on endlessly about yourself. Get to know him, too. But when the conversation turns to you, focus on the positive.

And last but not least, under no circumstances talk about your ex-boyfriend. You can tackle those subjects later. But anything positive you say about your ex- is not going to impress the new guy.

2. Flirt

This is the starting point of any hook up. There’s nothing wrong with a little playfulness. If done right, flirting isn’t leading a man on. It’s an invitation to get to know you, as well as a way to size up the cute guy down the bar. Besides, it’s fun.

You’ll know pretty quickly whether you want to continue the flirtation. Learn the art of the graceful exit from flirting, too.

Figure out where the best places to flirt are. In a bar, take a seat at the bar. Don’t put yourself at a table with friends or you’ll never meet anyone. If you do sit at a table, make sure to disengage occasionally to meet your adoring public.

Flirting is about a sense of fun, but also a sense of confidence. Don’t fold your arms, pick your nails or chew gum too noticeably. This makes it seem like you would rather be some place else. Smile and make eye contact instead.

3. Get Out There

Once again, this is common sense. If you never get into the scene, you’re never going to be seen. The more people you meet, the better your chances of finding someone compatible.

When you buy clothes, you want to look at the selection. It should be the same with the men you are choosing. Of course, when you’re finding a man, you both a salesperson and a customer. So it’s just important that more men meet you.

If you’re sick of the bar scene, find some other outlet. Find something you enjoy doing and find some way to make it social. Attend a book club, a civic club or some other local group with social events. Hang out at the local Starbucks every once in a while. Join a gym. There are a hundred ways to meet men outside of a bar.

If you’re interested in more advice, presents a different take on how to attract men. And one last time, we’ll recommend reading Men Made Easy.

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