How to Attract Crickets

Are you trying to figure out how to attract crickets? This article explains what you need to do in order to find crickets for a number of purposes. Whether it’s to kill them, eat them, or feed them to your reptile, there are a number of ways that can help attract crickets.

Do you have a snake or other reptile that needs its daily fix of cricket snacks? Do you love the sweet sound of their chirping legs, rubbing up and down like violins? Are you a secret entomologist, or even orthopterist? (Order Orthoptera, insects that go through incomplete metamorphoses like crickets and grasshoppers). Perhaps you’re doing a science experiment. Maybe your religious ritual demands a mass cricket sacrifice. Perhaps you’re a jaded chef who’s grown tired of endless chicken, steak, or fish dinners.

You can attract crickets via one of two ways.

1. The Indirect Way

This involves attracting enough money to drive over to the pet store and buy them in bulk. They’re pretty cheap, but the downside is that they don’t tend to sing or make noise. They mostly exist to get eaten.

While store crickets are generally small and not very crisp, some pet stores, especially local ones, breed larger crickets that might be tastier to larger critters. You need to seek out the store that is right for you. If this sounds really boring to you, then you need to go with the second way, which involves catching crickets in the wild.

2. The Direct Way

This way involves a number of steps which you need to follow if you want crickets to come to your house.

No matter what you plan on doing with the crickets, simply follow these four guidelines, and you’ll easily be able to catch crickets in the wild.

1. Make Sure Your Home / Is Lovely For Crickets to Roam

How to Attract Crickets

How to Attract Crickets

Get rid of any outdoor cats, lizards, or frogs that might present a danger to crickets. Keep plenty of organic clutter around for crickets to munch on, and make sure your bright outdoor lights are on at all times. It helps if you grow shrubs or some other form of vegetation, as that will let crickets know that it’s safe to make a nest and breed outside your home.

However, this will only attract crickets to the outside of your house. If you’re trying to attract crickets to a location that allows for easy access, you need to go on to step b.

2. Put Together a Box

Crickets eat cardboard. When they’re raised in pet stores, in order to keep costs down the boxes are shredded and fed to crickets. You can often just put out a cardboard box, maybe coat it with molasses or honey inside, and wait for the crickets to crawl or hop in. Molasses works nicely, because of how sticky it is. You can put your box on your windowsill, paint the bottom and sides with molasses, and go to sleep. Wake up, and you’ll have a bunch of crickets suffering from sugar shock and sticky feet.

Another way to do this is to include a small dish with a mixture of molasses, vanilla extract and lemon juice. This cricket lemonade will attract all the orthopterids around, but when the approach it, they’ll get stuck. If you’re trying to attract the crickets to kill them, be sure that the dish has high enough walls, and mix your lemonade with plenty of water so when they jump in to partake, they drown.

This way has its downsides, however. It often results in the death or partial maiming of the crickets when you try to remove them from the molasses, so if you’re trying to collect live crickets, this can be troublesome. Also, some crickets are strong enough not to get stuck in the molasses. If this is the case, move on to step c.

3. Bring Out the Fruit/Vegetable Guns

Crickets love apples, and they love lettuce. If you really want to construct a cricket colony, or whatever you’re doing with the little buggers, make a little salad for them! Cut up an apple and some lettuce, toss it together, put some sweet molasses on the salad, arrange it in your standard cardboard box, then put it outside. Check periodically, say once every hour or two, and remove any crickets that you find. Once you take them out, move them to a tank or wherever you plan on keeping them.

This is the best way to collect crickets, short of chasing them through the fields. They’ll be so intent on eating the salad that they don’t notice you coming to grab them and move them elsewhere.

4. Light Up their Lives

Crickets are attracted to light and heat, so if you really want to get crafty, hang a red light bulb inside your cardboard box with the cricket salad. This will make the leaves of the lettuce look even more enticing to the critters.

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