How to Attract Beautiful Women

How to Attract Beautiful Women

Understanding how to attract beautiful women means understanding what beautiful women are looking for in a man. You can’t just ‘be yourself’, no matter how many times your mama told you that would work. When you’re dealing with women on the 9+ end of the scale, you’ll simply have to adapt yourself to their desires in order to get near their bedrooms.

Most beautiful women know they’re beautiful — they’ve been told of their beauty so many times and in so many ways, it would be impossible for them to think anything else. Those “perfect tens” you see at the bar on Friday nights (with several mid-range girls clustered around to make her feel even more secure) aren’t going to be attracted to just anyone, and even if they are accidentally attracted to some sub-5 loser, they’re not going to show it. No — you’re going to have to make some changes in yourself if you want to attract beautiful women.

What Beautiful Women Want

There are really only three things that beautiful women look for in a man — tall, smart, and wealthy. There’s a good and a bad side to this . . . on the one hand, if you’re a particularly short guy, there’s not much you can do about the height thing. If you’re a total dumbass, you can only fake intelligence so much. If you’re dirt poor, you’re probably not going to be climbing in bed with that South African swimsuit model any time soon. However — at least you have parameters you can use to determine if you’ve got any shot at landing the perfect bird.

Here’s a breakdown of what and why beautiful women like what they like — as well as some quick ways to fake it if you’re deficient in that department.


For some reason, height is associated with virility, attractiveness, and even a sense of “protection”. Whatever it is, women love guys on the tall side. I’m a tall drink of water (6’6”) and I have to say that I’ve had just as many women go out with me based on my height than any other single factor. There are exceptions to every rule, and there may be some super hot woman out there looking to date short guys, but in general if you’re 6 feet tall or taller, you’ve got a good foot in the door with beautiful women.

If you find yourself a bit shorter than the average boy-toy of your favorite European movie stars, there are subtle ways to fight the height disadvantage. Consider installing risers in your shoes to give you just a few inches’ boost — don’t go overboard, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing stilts, but a couple of inches of height can boost confidence and may put you just close enough to your next beautiful girlfriend’s radar.

Another way to avoid height comparisons — meet sitting down. As corny as it sounds, if you meet a woman at a bar or restaurant for a first date, meet her sitting down rather than standing up. Hiding your height is a great way to let the other, more attractive sides of you wipe out any notion that you’re “too short”.

Education / Intelligence

Beautiful women aren’t checking sheepskins on your wall or anything (at least not on a grand scale), but they do want to be able to hold a conversation with you about something other than NASCAR and your ex-girlfriends. You don’t have to be a Harvard grad to qualify in this category, though it may help — you just have to have the spark of intelligence, humor, or something that gets her fires burning just right. Besides — how annoying is pillow talk if the two of you don’t have anything to say to each other?

If you feel like you’ve fallen behind in the brains department, there are all kinds of ways to fight back. PIck up newspapers, study the news like it is your Bible, watch local news and all the CNN you can stand, and cram your brain full of current events. Then tell everyone that you’re “into” contemporary history, and wow your new beautiful date and her friends with your wisdom.

Also — you could take some college courses in the subject of a woman’s interest and impress her over time with your knowledge. Yes, I know, that’s a drastic plan, but if the woman you’re after is a Perfect 10, she’s worth it.


This is the most painful fact of trying to date beautiful women. Women at the highest echelons of hotness demand that they be “treated right” — as I said before, there are exceptions to every rule, but very few exceptions to this one. You don’t have to be pulling in 6 figures or drive a fleet of Hummers to bag a beautiful woman, but you do need to be able to pay for nice dinners, top-shelf liquors and wines, nights on the town, and plenty of gifts. Depending on the maintenance required on your new beautiful girlfriend, you could be spending thousands of dollars a week on this girl, so you better come into a relationship with a beautiful women with your pockets full of cash.

The sneaky way out of this requirement is probably the hardest one to pull off. You have to try and convince a beautiful woman to be your benefactor. Not that you’ll ask for anything FROM her, just that she’ll be paying most of her way around town. How does this work? Put simply — you have to have a model’s body, an over the top gorgeous face, an incredible job, really high intelligence, a giant penis, or some aspect of you that she won’t mind paying out a little dough for. That’s right — you need a sugar mama. If you can figure out how to pull this one off, write your own advice column.

The basic rule for getting with a beautiful woman is to make your status higher than that of any other guy in the room — act like you’ve got the fattest wallet, fastest car, and best bedroom skills, and you’ll have the beautiful woman’s interest. Now get out there with your big bank account, your size fifteen shoes, and your UC Berkeley law degree and make it happen.

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