How to Attract Asian Women

Asian women are a favorite of many men. They have a mysterious and quiet quality that is beautiful, beguiling, and intriguing. If they are your cup of tea, it is useful to know how to attract Asian women in a more purposeful way than merely talking to them and hoping they like you. The following are some tips that will help you get further with Asian women faster:

Approach Asian Women with Gentleness

It can be easy to scare Asian women off. They come from a culture where women are expected to be especially shy and non aggressive and men are expected to be polite and well mannered. So they tend to respond well to a gentle approach and to politeness. The loud and brash quality of the USA and other countries does not go along well with this. So be friendly and polite, and approach them carefully.

Don’t Make Too Much Eye Contact Initially

Also to avoid intimidating an Asian woman, you may want to make less rather than more eye contact when you do eventually engage here in conversation. Of course, you do want to look her in the eyes somewhat so as not to seem impersonal or distracted. But a steady stare is likely to put her on the spot. So intersperse short periods of eye contact with looking around at the surroundings and pointing things out.

Show Cultural Awareness

Show the woman that you are interested in her culture and that you know something about it. If you do not have any background information on her particular country then ask questions about it and listen attentively to the responses. Always refer directly to her country by name rather than referring to Asians as a class or talking in stereotypic terms. Questions about her country and its customs are actually a great topic of conversation, so don’t worry if you’re not up to date and informed much about her specific culture.

Affirm Asian Characteristics Indirectly

How to Attract Asian Women

How to Attract Asian Women

A good strategy is to tell an Asian woman about the traits that you like in women without directly stating that these characteristics are ones that Asian women often possess. This will make it clear that you like her culture and general style without appearing blunt or opportunistic. This may even work on a somewhat subliminal level. She may not directly realize that you are complimenting her, or she may, but one way or another the compliments will register on her consciousness.

Overcome the Language Barrier

Asian languages and western ones are quite different from each other. This means that Asians often do not have a very good command of English. If the Asian woman you are talking to does not appear to speak good English, you need to make a special effort to make things easier for her. Speak slowly and with short, simple sentences. Ask her if she has understood fairly often. If she says no, explain what you were talking about simply and clearly rather than jumping to a new topic.

Reflect Her Social style

Often Asian women have a very different style than American or European women. They may feel confused as to how to act. So the best bet is to let their social style lead the conversation rather than trying to impose an American style on the conversation. Let her comfort level define what you should and shouldn’t say. Later on when you are more comfortable with each other you can incorporate more of your own style. But initially the best way to proceed is to try to get more familiar with her style.

Be Firm and Decisive

Though gentleness is the best way to begin, Asian women tend to respond well to decisiveness when the time for action comes. This must be done in a friendly but firm way. These women are used to the man taking the lead. If you give them a chance to be indecisive or to flee to where there is less immediate pressure, they may take it. Once a certain level of rapport has been attained state firmly and directly what you would like to happen or what you want to do. This is not to say that you should be pushy, overly aggressive, or demanding. It’s just that Asian women need a certain amount of respectful decisiveness on the man’s part. Be friendly and encouraging at the same time but make it clear that when it’s time for action, it’s time for action.

As you can see from these tips you usually need to have a balance of gentleness and decisiveness to succeed with Asian women. If you are too decisive or overpowering, you risk scaring them away, and if you’re too retiring and move too slowly, you give them the chance to change their minds or avoid action. So you want to lead in with politeness and sensitivity and act when you are really sure that the moment is right. If you pay attention and try to find the right mix of these ingredients, your chances of success with Asian women are optimal.

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