How to Apply Makeup

Makeup Application Tips

I’m assuming most people reading “How to Apply Makeup” are going to be either young or relatively inexperienced applying makeup, so this is a beginners guide to putting on make-up.

If you’re just learning to apply makeup to your face, practice at the house and see what it looks like afterward. You’ll want to get this skill down before you go out on the town in makeup too often.

Pick a Makeup Plan

Decide what look you’re going for. If you are applying makeup for night time, use darker fashions. If you are applying makeup for daytime use, using lighter shades. If you are going to transition from day to night, use neutral makeup.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Make a list or mental note of everything you want to apply to your face. Once you have that list, collect all the makeup supplies you’ll need. These will probably include eye makeup, lipstick, blush, brushes, tweezers and, of course, foundation.

Choose Your Colors

Make sure you use colors that are right for your hair color, skin tone or complexion and the clothes you’ll be wearing. You don’t want to clash. You want synergy.

Below is are a couple of short primers on how to match hair colors and skin tone to your makeup: hair colors and style chart. The gives basic info, while the second can be played around with to give you practice.

Ask the ladies at the local salon their opinions. Get ideas from friends, but in the end, go with what you feel comfortable with.

Use Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer to your face before foundation. Moisturizer keeps your skin from drying out and therefore keeps it soft. This is especially important on windy days or during the winter.

Apply Base or Foundation

Good foundation is pivotal to doing your makeup well. Good base should help to cover up blemishes, while blending your natural skin tone with your makeup. Base can be “makeup primer”, come in a cream or powder, or a bronzer. Play around with it at home and decide which you prefer, or whether some combination will work best.

If you use a concealer, apply concealer before your base. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see what you need to conceal as well. Also, the base will cover up obvious differences in the color between makeup and complexion.

Apply Eye Makeup Next

Brush eye shadow on. Next, add eye liner. Finally, apply mascara.

It’s common for young girls to overdo the eye liner, which sends the wrong signal. Remember, makeup around the eyes can be overdone easily and is a big tip off, because people naturally look at your in the eyes.

Spread Blush

Blush is applied to a woman’s cheeks to add a hint of color. Remember to blend, blend, blend when applying blush to your face. You don’t want there to be a noticeable line between the blush and the rest of your makeup. Subtlety is the key.

Apply Lip Color

Lip makeup gives you those rich, full, kissable lips that everyone in the world appreciates. Apply lip gloss or lipstick, or even a combination of the two. A woman should know how to put on lip gloss when being watched, because it’s a great way to attract attention to your lips.

Add Finishing Powder

Finishing powder is the final touch and it should be applied ever so lightly. This is wrapping up the gift.

Don’t Be Afraid to Retry

If you mess something up in the process, don’t be afraid to start over. The last thing you want is to misapply makeup.

Listen to the Reviews

When you get compliments and good reviews on a particular color you use, use that color makeup again.

How to Apply Makeup like Lady Gaga

Alright, I’m not really going to suggest all you younger girls out there wear your makeup like Lady Gaga, but I wanted to direct our readers to Youtube makeup tutor, Michelle Phan, if you want to see how to apply makeup in a variety of different ways. Scroll down the “More From MichellePhan” links on the right side of the page to see various tutorials.

You’ll learn a lot about how to apply makeup and, if you do better with visual instruction, these Youtube videos can help. And after you’ve practiced and practiced, move on to the Lady Gaga style – or whoever is popular by the time you get around to celebrity makeup styles.

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