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How to Catch a Baseball: Steps & Directions

Baseball has become one of the most important and popular pastimes in the United States, growing to acceptance in many other countries around the world. Due to the rising popularity of this exciting game, there are many new people … [Read more...]

How to Steal a Base in Baseball

Stealing a base in baseball is definitely an art. It is a maneuver that can give a team a great advantage when trying to score points. Of course, speed has a lot to do with being a good base stealer, but there are many more … [Read more...]

How to Play Baseball: An Overview of The Game

Baseball is a game you can spend 30 minutes learning to play and a lifetime perfecting your skill. Once you understand the basics of baseball, you can immediately begin playing with friends, family, or even co-workers. Team sports … [Read more...]

How to Develop Proper Technique to Catch a Baseball Like a Pro

Everyone dreams of hitting a home run in front of seventy-thousand fans in the bottom of the ninth to win the game. But there is plenty that goes into baseball aside from just what is done at the plate. After all, you’ve probably heard … [Read more...]

How to Train For Baseball Movements: Methods for Improving Human Performance

Training a professional baseball player requires a significant time and investment in the individual players, as Kevin Kerekes is fully aware from his years in the game. The sports training industry is a six billion dollar industry … [Read more...]